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Home Improvement Business: Why You Should Consider Selling Custom-Made Furniture

Interior design is a lot more approachable than it was in the past. The average homeowner can spruce up their abodes without a pro now. Home design inspirations are just a few clicks away on Pinterest. Home tour videos on YouTube help too, with pros themselves giving out tips.

Home renovation and maintenance companies are steadily growing, and during the pandemic, they reached a peak. Despite the financial challenges caused by COVID-19, homeowners still invested in their spaces. In July 2020, the average cost for a renovation or remodel project stood at $46,641. The prices ranged from $18,158 to $76,140 per home.

This isn’t outright surprising, considering the lifestyle changes we experienced. Work-from-home became the new normal, prompting people to create home offices. Gyms and wellness centers closed, urging people to buy their own fitness equipment. But most of all, we stayed at home for the majority of the year. As such, we longed for healing and a more appealing environment. Dated designs became unbearable to look at.

Among the design trends born during the pandemic are multipurpose furniture and rooms. People who had spare bedrooms were encouraged to utilize that space for more than one function. As a result, furniture-makers, particularly customizers, saw higher demand for their products and services. And you, too, can capitalize on this trend.

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Why is Custom-made Furniture Popular?

  • Available in Major Furniture Retailers

Custom-made furniture used to be associated with the rich. That’s because, in the past, you had to commission a designer or craftsman to custom-build a piece of furniture for you. For an average homeowner, the costs of that were unimaginable. Now, budget-conscious homeowners can afford them already, thanks to major furniture retailers.

Brands including IKEA, The Inside, BenchMade Modern, and Civil all offer custom-made pieces. While they’re still more expensive than mass-produced pieces, the difference isn’t as large anymore. Besides, custom-made doesn’t necessarily mean one-of-a-kind. It can look the same as a mass-produced piece but measured exactly as the buyer requires. That small customization won’t break the bank.

  • It Helps the Construction Industry Prosper

The pandemic caused a significant slowdown in the construction industry. But because renovations surged, contractors still found their hands full. Likewise, services such as masonry, woodwork, and steelworks saw steady demands. If you prefer the labor side of home design, you can work with contractors and furniture makers in providing custom-made furniture pieces for their clients.

Your services will be categorized under the construction industry, too. For example, if a client needs a custom bookcase, you can build that yourself with a high-quality laser cutter for furniture or any other equipment. Building custom furniture can earn you connections with renowned interior designers too, who will help you gain valuable clients.

  • High-quality Craftsmanship

Even if a brand-new furniture piece comes from a well-known retailer, there’s still something lacking on it; a distinct personality, it seems. Mass-produced furniture lack uniqueness, so they tend to make a room generic in design. Of course, not all mass-produced furniture has the same effect. But at least, with custom-made furniture, you don’t have to worry about ending up with a generic-looking space.

The craftsmanship in custom-made furniture is what sets it apart from others. Imagine two different beds; one a typical king-sized one, and the other a king-sized bed with a custom headboard. In a large room, a typical king-sized bed can look bland. It lacks features that make it a focal point. On the contrary, a custom headboard instantly makes the bed stand out in the room. Its size, material, and design offer a distinct character that no typical bed can give.

  • It Supports Local Businesses

Commissioned designers and craftsmen still exist. Their prices are still high, but they’re definitely worth the splurge. The pieces they build are designed to last. As such, they help boost a home’s value.

Supporting local designers and craftsmen also helps boost the economy in their area. They might be exclusively for the rich, but that doesn’t make their services any less remarkable.

  • Many People are Buying Homes

Housing also boomed during the pandemic. People took advantage of the lower interest rates. If the world goes back to normal, we can assume that housing will continue to prosper, with people’s purchasing power increasing again. Interest rates may have risen by that time, but at least, the housing supply will also grow.

This is an opportunity for you to market custom-made furniture. Many cheap homes come unfurnished or partially furnished, so their buyers are surely excited to shop for furniture. Target these kinds of homeowners for your market, and you might see a business boom early on.

Even if we go back to our offices, we will continue to regard our homes more highly now. The pandemic has taught us that a crisis can come at any time. But with a home that feels secure, safe, and exciting to stay in, we might be able to tolerate another stay-at-home order.

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