Improving Productivity in a Business


The economy is starting to recover after it floundered when the pandemic started over a year ago. Even though many businesses closed due to the crisis, many remained afloat and continued to serve their customers across the country.

And with the situation getting better, businesses can now focus on improving productivity to make up for the revenue they lost over the past year. At this point, businesses should focus on helping their employees to work efficiently and increase productivity. Here are the things that businesses should do to increase productivity in the office.

Provide a Safe Working Environment

The pandemic is not yet over, and authorities are currently struggling to contain a surge in the number of cases caused by the delta variant of the virus. Due to this, businesses should provide their employees with a safe working environment.

Businesses should ensure the workplace is cleaned and disinfected before the employees report for work. They should also install hand sanitizers in strategic locations in the office. The business should also ensure that the office is well-ventilated and, if possible, open the windows and turn on the fans to increase airflow. Portable high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters can also enhance air cleaning inside the office.

Ensuring the safety of the employees will keep them motivated at work, which can translate to better productivity. This results in better revenues for the business and allows it to expand its reach in the market in the future.

Provide the Equipment and Tools


Businesses should also provide the right equipment and tools for the employees so that they can perform well at work. The equipment and tools should facilitate the efficient performance of their duties. It will be counterproductive if the equipment they will use slow down their work. For instance, the business should upgrade the computers to allow them to work faster. Additionally, providing a fast printer also reduces the time that employees have to wait for documents to get printed.

Setting up a hybrid PBX system in the office can facilitate communication in the office. The system can also block unauthorized access and secure all communication within the business. Additionally, it allows streamlines administrative functions and allows management to monitor calls with customers for quality purposes.

Aside from the equipment, the business can also install productivity tools on their computers to increase the efficiency of their employees’ work. Using cloud technology also allows employees to collaborate with their colleagues even if they are not seated beside each other.

Set Realistic Goals

The pandemic had a significant impact on businesses as they had to go online to connect with their customers. While it was not much of a problem for bigger companies, small businesses had to increase their online presence while trying to reach their market. And since many of them did not have an online presence before the pandemic started, it became challenging to connect with their target market.

Businesses should set realistic goals for their employees who have to start from scratch to sell their products and services online. They should focus on setting achievable goals to increase their motivation and continue working hard to improve. Businesses should also provide a clear direction for their employees since it can help them improve their productivity.

Provide Positive Reinforcement

Businesses should also provide positive reinforcement to their employees. Even though things are better compared to a year ago, some still feel anxious about the situation. And pressuring them will only affect their productivity. Instead, businesses can encourage and motivate their employees to work harder.

They can give constructive criticism and provide incentives in case they achieve a milestone in the business. It can be as simple as free takeout coffee to a free weekend getaway, depending on the employee’s achievement. It can also cultivate a sense of fulfillment once an employee achieves a milestone at work.

The business can use a reward system to motivate its employees and encourage them to become more productive.

Minimize Distractions

Businesses should also reduce distractions at work. While a no-phone policy can be impractical, the business can discourage the use of social media while at work. This is particularly true for employees who are not working on the social media marketing plans of the business.

The business can encourage their employees to turn off their phones while they are at their desks. But it should also allow them to take breaks to check their phones, especially if they are expecting something important.

Improving productivity in the office can be challenging, especially during a pandemic. But if businesses focus on helping their employees to improve, they can reap the rewards with better productivity and increased revenue.

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