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Ways to Boost Business in the Middle of a Pandemic

The pandemic has hit businesses of various sizes in all parts of the world. The virus has re-shaped the way companies of any size do business and how people shop. Some industries have taken a huge hit with the hospitality and tourism industry bearing the brunt of it. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Organizations have turned to the Internet to reach their audiences and maintain a revenue stream.

People are spending more time online because of restrictions, social distancing rules and curfews. Online marketing also costs less, making it a viable option for businesses that want to reduce advertising expenses.

Experts from many well-known marketing agencies cite the following ways to thrive or at least thrive during the pandemic.

Interactive Content

The shopping habits of potential customers have changed at the onset of the pandemic. This provides businesses with an opportunity to upgrade their websites and reach a wider audience. One way to achieve this goal is to provide interactive content. 360-degree view videos, shoppable posts and video or augmented reality are ways to convert visitors at a high rate. This provides them with a similar experience to shopping inside your stores. Some companies have already implemented this strategy; it’s not too late to follow suit.

Customer Segmentation

The needs before the pandemic and during it are completely different. Most customers are focusing on essentials. You have to identify ways to prove the products and services you offer are essential. This is when customer segmentation comes in. Reinvent brand personas that make them relevant to the current situation. This makes a company relatable and appears caring during uncertain times. The usual demographics are still important, but companies must focus on solving specific issues such as price-conscious potential customers because of reduced pay or job loss. You might also want to fill gaps in the market for certain products.

Clear Communications

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Business had to make changes on the fly because of the virus. The ones that will survive and thrive must have a clear message across all platforms. You’ll have to provide details about delivery options, product availability, new items on sale, limited promotions and hours of availability, just to name a few. This tempers expectations and allows potential customers to adjust their schedules. Clarity is important in times of uncertainty brought about by the pandemic.

Understand Problems Customers Experience

The pandemic has exacerbated current problems or created new ones. Reaching out to your customers or following the news provides you with insights about their problems and how you can provide a solution. This also enables you to formulate an effective communications strategy. Understanding the challenges of your customers enables you to determine ways to convert them. You can adjust or maintain prices, release new products or diversify your delivery options.

These are some of the ways to leverage online marketing despite the pandemic. These strategies allow you to survive or even thrive during one of the world’s biggest crises to date. It will take a long time before the status quo of 2019 returns, but despite the challenges, there are opportunities waiting.

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