To Build or Not to Build: Starting a Business During a Pandemic

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With all the uncertainty we’re faced with in this global health crisis, is it wise to start a new business? Here are a few arguments that show why there’s no better time to get into business now.

If you can start and establish a business in this climate, imagine how strong you’ll be when we’ve moved on from this pandemic.

Starting a business and getting it off the ground is already hard under normal circumstances. It’s even harder to do so now, given the present limitations that we have in terms of movement, workforce, and resources.

At this point, with the continuing rise of COVID-19 positive cases worldwide, we don’t know when this pandemic will end. One thing we know for sure is that we’re facing a future filled with uncertainties. Because of these uncertainties, you’re more careful and frugal with your planning — cautious and calculating. You most likely will move accordingly when it comes to acquiring both personnel and goods that are necessary to get your business going.

If you can launch a full-blown business in this environment where you are laden with a lot of uncertainties about what the future will bring, imagine how strong you will be, figuratively, as an entrepreneur when the COVID-19 dust has settled, and we’ve already moved past it.

Plenty of talented and highly-skilled individuals are looking for jobs today.

When the lockdowns took effect, thousands, perhaps even millions, of businesses closed shop and left several billion people faced with unemployment. One of the most challenging things that people had to deal with on top of the global health crisis is not being able to provide for their families.

With retrenchment and layoffs, many brilliant and hardworking people have been left jobless for a few months. Even as states have already reopened their economies, with physical distancing still in place, a lot of folks are still out of a job.

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If you choose to start a business now, you have a lot of talented and highly-skilled professionals to choose from to help your business take off. Whether you decide to work with automotive technicians, healthcare marketing consultants, restaurateurs, or whatever line of business you choose to delve in, you’ll be helping them provide for their families as they help you provide for yours. It’s a win-win situation.

Businesses that can solve problems and meet different needs and demands at this time grow a lot faster.

The challenges we’re facing now had created specific needs and demands that weren’t existent before the pandemic occurred. For instance, the demand for PPEs has now spilled over to a market beyond medical and healthcare professionals. An increase in demand has also taken place with hand sanitizers and alcohol.

The point is, new start-ups are determined by where the rest of the world is going. That is why businesses that have been affected have adapted and pivoted to accommodate the present market needs. As a start-up business, you have the chance to help meet the different demands and make yourself a relevant brand to your target market.

Regardless of when you start a business, whether it’s before, during, or after a pandemic, the vital thing to keep in mind is that pandemics and global crises are a reflection of what the world’s future problems will be like. Armed with this knowledge and realization, you will put yourself in a position to help prevent or solve these problems. You are given an interesting new opportunity to make life better for those around you.

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