Things that Can Go Wrong with a Plumbing System


We don’t give plumbing much thought until something goes wrong with it. Some plumbing catastrophes are unavoidable, while others are the result of human error. Your home’s plumbing system must stay in good operating condition to keep everyone in the house safe and healthy.

Your poor habits that cause havoc in your drainage pipes might go unnoticed, yet they are the most significant hazard to your plumbing system. There are several ways to damage your plumbing, such as throwing different types of trash in the toilet or doing a shoddy DIY project that can cause you so much money for repair. Do you want to avoid making a costly plumbing error? You might want to consider the things listed below.

Harmful Chemicals

Consider what flush down the toilet or the drain regularly. Even mild cosmetics and beauty products, such as soaps and cleansers, might be harsh on the pipes. Now think of the damage those potent compounds might do to your plumbing. While pouring drainage cleaners or blockage treatment solutions down the drain seems like a speedy answer, the same substances that dissolve a block can also do substantial damage to your plumbing.

It’s best to bring in a professional if you’re having trouble unclogging a drain on your own. Some people use a homemade formula for a drain cleaner to get rid of clogs. Another problem is the use of toilet fresheners. Toilet fresheners, other than products containing strong chemicals that might damage pipes, are generally long-lasting. If a piece comes loose, it will almost certainly produce a block that will take a long time to dissolve.

Don’t Pump Your Septic Tanks on Your Own

Septic tanks can only hold so much solid waste before they need to be emptied. This is usually necessary every three to five years, although the frequency might vary based on water use and the number of people living in the home. Get your tank pumped by professionals if you don’t want to wreck your septic system.

For those who wish to induce a significant system collapse and create an actual septic emergency, not getting your tank pumped is the way to go, and sewage will very certainly accumulate on your property due to this situation. Hiring a professional for septic tank pumping is a worthy investment.


DIY Fixes

The harm done throughout time by keeping such interim remedies in effect will typically lead to worse troubles, even if you want to “fix” a patch for a water leak or a busted faucet. There’s a lot more to water pipes than meets the eye. Prudent homeowners rely on an expert to get the job done correctly.

We’ve all attempted to remedy a little leakage or leak on our own. You might cause additional issues in the future if you don’t do things correctly the first time. Even if the sink faucet no longer drips, puddles can still accumulate behind walls.

Don’t Plant Trees Directly Above Your Drain Field

Your yard’s drain fields discharge sewage into the soil, where bacteria filters and disperse it. The way your septic tank does this treatment with wastewater is both natural and healthy. Planting trees immediately above your drain field is an innovative long-term approach to destroying your septic system.

By blocking the drain field’s system with tree roots, it will disable it entirely. The tree roots will grow straight into inside the drain pipes if they can get through and will obstruct the flow of sewage water and reduce the system’s overall effectiveness.

Although it might take years before the roots will do their work, it’s still a guarantee that they will destroy your septic system. Eventually, the roots will crush the drain field, clogging it and rendering it useless.

Flushing Trash

You should flush only a handful of items down the toilet or into the sewage. Flush anything other than those items, and your plumbing system might bring several problems.

Tiny food quantities can go down the garbage disposal. However, they aren’t meant to be used as garbage cans. You should avoid flushing bones, stringy vegetables like maize or celery, or many starchy meals like rice or noodles via garbage disposal. As an added precaution, make sure children understand that they should only flush toilet paper. Everything else will lead to a system backup.

Final Thoughts

You can avoid several plumbing complications by following a few simple guidelines. To sustain a plumbing system in good operating order, regular inspection and attention are essential. Additionally, calling plumbing services for fixes you’re not knowledgeable about is always the best choice.

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