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Maximizing Your Team Productivity

There is an old saying that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Several businesses have taken this saying and applied it into their practices. Teams are formed within companies to manage people better and to really focus on your employees as individuals. A company would not stand without its employees which is why training them and satisfying their needs is key to the company’s success.

There are a lot of ways to boost team productivity. They may be incentivized results, employee morale events, or even introducing simple communication tools. Despite the numerous steps that productivity gurus preach, here are some simple ones that can help your team go a long way:

1. Clearer communication

Communication is said to be the foundation of a healthy relationship. Not just romantic or platonic, but even work relationships.When a team collaborates, it is crucial for its members to communicate clearly to each other. When members communicate better, a good amount of time and energy is saved because mistakes would be made less so as the fixing that needs to be done per error.

Communication also strengthens relationships that ultimately would be the fuel for the team to be in sync. ┬áThere are a lot of ways to increase effective and clear team communication, such as introducing tools that are different from social media (Slack is a messaging software that creates a workplace-like ambiance). Perhaps the most basic method is to create an environment where everyone’s voices will be heard. This encourages fewer stutters and more ideas.

2. Incentivized projects

Often times, a company might have projects assigned to employees whose job descriptions do not necessarily encapsulate the assigned project. Providing incentives in situations like this as well as for excellent performances or results can motivate team members to do their best. It falls under the reward vs. punishment system that Pavlov originally proposed.

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3. Conduct team building activities

Several companies have annual outings that require their employees to tag along. Conducting team building activities within these required events and even outside these events can boost employee morale. The activities aim to align team members towards a specific goal and teach them teamwork lessons that they can carry over to the workplace setting.

It may also be an avenue for team members and leaders to bond in a setting outside of work. Having a personal connection with your team can help you adjust to their needs as well as work style. Understanding them is vital in strategizing how to motivate and deal with them in the office.

4. Always remind them of the company’s goal

Work can quickly burn out a lot of people. It can be quite easy to lose work motivation because of how obligatory it can be. Holding regular meetings that shift your team members’ focus back to the company’s mission and vision can remind them that they’re not just doing the work for money but also for something more significant than that.

For example, if the team is in charge of marketing metal straws, remind them that it’s to make an environmental impact.

These steps may be simple, but they can really boost team efficiency and morale. It just takes the right implementation.

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