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Using Effective Marketing to Attract New Recruits

A growing business requires a bigger team to keep up with the increased workload and higher customer demand. This is good news because it shows that your business is doing well in reaching its audience. It also becomes an opportunity to recruit fresh new talents to join your team.

Good marketing is usually used as a strategy to attract new customers, but it also works to bring in good candidates for recruitment. Marketing is a powerful tool that enables a business to find the best candidates with the right skill set to fill in your new positions.

Five Marketing Strategies for Recruitment

Apply these marketing principles in your hiring process to filter candidates and find the cream of the crop for your team. To maximize results, seek the services of a marketing firm to build a solid recruitment campaign.

Promote your business’ core values

Aside from hiring people whose skill sets are a great fit for your open positions, you also want people whose priorities and values align with your company’s. When creating your job postings, emphasize these values in the description of the position and your company bio.

Applicants are not only looking for a promising career opportunity when they apply to your company. They are paying attention to hints of the employee experience.

Now, more than ever, people are looking to work for companies that do business well internally and externally. Mention the benefits employees enjoy in your company in your job listings. It also helps to amplify the best parts of your company culture.

Make use of social media channels

Applications sent through your websites should not be the only way applicants can reach you. Today, job seekers also go on social media networks as a part of the job-hunting process. Don’t waste this opportunity and update your social media pages to reflect your open positions and post your job openings on appropriate groups.

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform where your company can reach over 174 million professionals in the U.S. It is a popular choice also for businesses, with 20,000 U.S. organizations using the website to post their job listings. It also has helpful advanced search capabilities to find the best candidates for various positions easily.

Don’t simply focus on job listings on your social media pages. Your public posts and reviews also hold useful information for when individuals are deciding if applying for a job in your company is a good decision. Make sure that the tone of your posts reflects the culture you want to promote.

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Use your company’s strengths to promote hiring season

Your promotions can also come in the form of a service. Your company has its own unique set of skills and expertise that it can share with the public to introduce them to your company and improve credibility and online presence.

As an example, hold a free webinar or workshop targeting potential recruits. This is a great way to familiarize viewers with the people that make up your company and the expertise your company boasts. You can also invite guest speakers as a way to also introduce your network.

Pay attention to aesthetics, too

For your marketing materials to become more effective, they need to have uniform branding. Even if your business is not directly involved in the design industry, it needs a good design that provides insight into your company’s personality.

When your company’s brand identity is cohesive, it allows easier recall for interested parties. It also gives you a more trustworthy image, encouraging individuals to apply.

Note that the overall aesthetic of your posts and pages support the content that you put out in finding new talents.

Treat your employees well

Among all the smart marketing moves you can make, your best strategy is to prioritize the growth and well-being of your employees. Today, many platforms have allowed employees to be transparent about their experiences with the companies they have worked for. They have the power to put in a good word for your business, but also the freedom to give their critique on your practices.

When your employees are satisfied with their treatment and opportunities in the workplace, they are more productive during their work hours. They also become more inclined to refer people for your job openings. For these, you can opt to provide incentives for employee referrals in the hiring process.

Marketing strategies are not only for getting new customers. These principles also work when your business is searching for new recruits. Bolster your online presence and take care of your staff to achieve good results in your hiring period.

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