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Lifestyle Trends That Everyone Loves for 2020

In today’s world of rapidly changing technology and convenience, 2020 lifestyle trends address several issues affected by these changes, including the environment’s health and how people are fighting for their world.

Here are the top lifestyle trends for 2020 that will shape everyone’s lives. These results are from polls made using vetted survey software tools.

Home Base — Everything 

Many organizations and popular social media platforms like Pinterest predict that more businesses are going for flexible workplace policies and choosing to hire remotely. This trend has resulted in most activities becoming ‘home-based,’ with the most popular ones ranging from garden rooms, home theaters to coffee stations. In essence, 2020 is the year many individuals bring their regular outside routines indoors, from taking conference calls on the sofa or joining exercise regimens in your living room. There’s no need to leave home anymore.

Conscious Consumption

In recent years, many people’s voices about the environment and the world, in general, are being heard — especially in 2020. It started as a choice and found its way to becoming one of life’s most significant milestones. Many individuals are beginning to make more conscious consumption decisions, allowing them to re-evaluate their impact. Whether you’re using fewer products or using more sustainable versions, it can go a long way. It also pays to keep an eye on waste, such as replacing plastic with glass.

Finding Balance

When people think about “lifestyle” and “wellness,” many associate it with luxurious spas, but this 2020 trend lets individuals think more about wellness daily. Many seek easy habits to counter anxiety, burnout, and stress related to work. Every routine varies, but whether you’re journaling or taking art therapy lessons, these establish that much-needed balance in your life.

Internationally Inspired

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More everyday people like artisans and chefs love using digital media to share their pieces of art. They take advantage of this by showing the world the tales of their heritage and tradition, crisscrossing the globe, inspiring many to go and try something new. It’s a 2020 trend that allows you to experience the beauty of different cultures, even without a passport. However, if you do have one, you have numerous opportunities than ever to learn straight from those with the most experience as many globetrotters are prioritizing meaningful activities, including cooking classes and painting lessons.

A Blue Mind

This year has revolved around the environment’s well-being, with many people practicing the “blue mind” trend to seek comfort in the water. The trend is inspired by a particular part in Wallace J Nichols’ book and Ted Talk Blue mind, emphasizing nature’s importance in today’s contemporary world. To protect this mindset, people are now protecting their oceans and appreciating their importance, improving health while promoting a sense of calm.

Clean Breathing

2019 revolved around ‘breath’ — be it through yoga or meditation, and more individuals have learned the importance of breathing right. However, the year 2020 focuses more on “clean breathing,” which means enjoying the best air quality that’s not contaminated by polluted particles present in exhausts and fossil fuel emissions. This trend’s benefits include reduced risk of heart attacks, asthma attacks, and improved concentration.

“New year, a new decade, new you” is a saying that every aspiring individual should embrace. Incorporating the lifestyle trends mentioned helps you stay ahead of the latest lifestyle trends and enjoy the year to the fullest while making healthier and bolder changes to your life.

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