How You Can Properly Maintain Your Laser Etchers

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Many businesses use a quality laser etcher in their daily work. They can use it to customize a product, mark aftermarket automobile parts or medical devices, and engrave the company logo on electronic items to deter theft of corporate assets or products.

Regardless of where you’re using it, there will come a time that it will need to undergo some form of maintenance. If you own one of the businesses that have one of these machines, you need to take steps to keep it in good shape.

Here are a few maintenance suggestions you can perform extend the life of your laser engraver.

Clean the Machine Regularly

One of the first components you should clean is the laser lens. If you are working in an industrial shop, this component has the tendency to get dirty. Dirt can get into this part, which could affect the overall performance of your laser marker. If your laser machine uses nitrogen purge gas for cooling, this substance might cloud the lens. Cleaning the lens will make sure that the laser will work optimally during a cutting or etching operation.

It’s not just the lens you will need to clean. Even a speck of dust can affect the efficiency of your laser machine. Dirt on the slats that keep the machine steady, for instance, can cause the material to shift during the engraving process. This impacts overall productivity and material optimization. So, make sure to clean your laser machine regularly.

Reset the Optic Settings to Factory Default

Constantly using optics that are out of spec can negatively affect optic life and engraving quality. During your work, you will probably be fiddling around with it to ensure maximum performance. After every job, you will need to return it to the factory settings. A minor change here or there is fine as long as it returns to the default. Do this every day or when the work for the week is over.

Check Laser Alignment

Besides optic settings, check the alignment of the laser. If the inner and outer nozzles of the laser do not directly align, you may see a decrease in power and effectiveness. So, make sure that the alignment of the laser is at a correct setting.

Regulate the Temperature of the Machine

Lasers machines need to cool down. Overheating could lead to breakdown and cause other problems. When you feel that the machine is becoming too hot, stop the operation and let the temperature of the equipment drop.

Follow the Maintenance Schedule

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Take time every week to do a general check-up of the device. This helps identify problems that require immediate attention and repair. On top of that, it ensures better performance from your laser cutter or etcher.

Cleaning the laser engraving machine periodically, keeping an eye out on the optic settings, checking the laser alignment, regulating the equipment’s temperature, and adhering to the maintenance schedule are maintenance practices that will extend the life of your laser etcher. Maintenance is also key to protecting your hard-earned investment.

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