Crucial Bathroom Accessories for the Disabled

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For most people, a relaxing bath is the most important thing to look forward to in their day for stress relief. They will thus go to great lengths to create the perfect bathroom look in their homes. This pleasure might, unfortunately, be hindered by the difficulty of getting in and out of their bathroom, using the toilet or safety issues.

Though this might seem far-fetched for the non-disabled, they are real concerns for those with mobility problems. People assume all they need for indoor mobility and safety is a wheelchair lift for their Salt Lake City Utah home.

The lift is essential, but you should also invest in the right bathroom accessories to make your bathroom a relaxing and safe place for everyone irrespective of his or her mobility. The following are some of the must-have accessories forbathrooms meant for those with reduced mobility.

Shower Seating

Most disabled individuals and the elderly find it challenging to move or achieve a balance in their showers. A shower seating accessory is essential to address these difficulties. Shower boards, perching stool and shower stools are your standard shower seating accessories.

Shower boards attach to the sides of your shower and have a solid and large surface that distributes the user’s weight. Perching and shower stools come in various fashions, but they are all designed for a sturdy seating solution when showering.

The perching stool, unlike the shower stool, can nonetheless be used in all areas of your bathroom, including when brushing teeth since it is height-adjustable.

Bathtub Seating

Getting in and out of the tub poses a high risk of slips for those with mobility issues. Bath seats, bath lifts and bath boards are essential for comfort and safety when using the bathtub. Bath seats are simple seats that are commonly adjustable and swivel to get you in and out of the bath easily.

Bath lifts will be controlled by their users to hoist them in and out of the tub. Bath boards, on the other hand, provide a safe and strong seating in your bathtub to reduce the depth you have to sink when sitting and alleviate limb aches.

Grab Rails

grab rails and chair in the bathroom

These are attached in different regions of your bathroom to boost your stability and help you stand from sitting positions. They can be installed next to the toilet and in wet areas. Grab rails come in different weight limits to accommodate different people.

Nowadays, there are also different colors for grab rails. Red rails are, for instance, ideal for people with dementia as they stand out and hard for them to miss.

Toilet Frames

These will raise the height of your toilets.They thus ease the process of sitting on the toilet and standing up from the seated position. Some toilet frames are also padded and contoured for additional comfort. They are quick to install as they are snapped onto your existing toilet.

Reduced mobility need not hinder you from enjoying time in the bathroom. With the above accessories, you can be safe and enjoy your time in the bathroom you labor so hard to design. You should also get bath pillows, washing aids and waterproof mats to boost your comfort in the bathroom further.

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