Business Renovations You Can Do While on Lockdown

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Normally, renovating commercial properties can be tricky because it has to be timed properly. A lot of businesses and companies don’t like the idea of closing for an indefinite amount of time. Although the pandemic has caused a lot of issues, one advantage to it is that it gives you an opportunity to do some needed fixes.

Because of COVID-19, a lot of businesses are forced to close to prevent further spread of the virus. The lockdown in itself has also reduced the number of people going out. In times like these, it is best to move operations online and use physical stores as storage or pick-up points.

Meanwhile, now is the best time to make any renovations or major repairs that you can’t do on a normal day. The limited people going into your store or office means you can do renovations without interrupting anyone. Here are all the things that you can have done while things are yet to return to normal.

Redesign the interior

Whether your business has grown in the past few years or you realized that your interior can be optimized, now is a good time to do a redesign. One of the challenges of having major interior design changes is that it disrupts your business. If you are the kind of business that operates at all hours of the day, then it would be difficult to find the time to close the shop to make some new design changes.

Unlike home properties, commercial businesses use significantly more energy than residential homes. Restaurants and retail stores can be redesigned to increase sales as well. In the case of restaurants, you want as many tables and chairs as possible without making it appear too crowded. Retail and store outlets also strategize their layout to make sure that customers are able to see all their products.

Designing for businesses also involves an entirely different strategy because you want elements that promote productivity. Interior designers suggest adding more color and plant life to office spaces. This helps engage their minds and relax employees. Creating designs that promote more movement is another thing you can do.

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Upgrade your floors and walls

Is the paint on the walls starting to change color? Are the bathroom tiles becoming cracked and unattractive? Renovations such as this are great to do during lockdown because it needs to be done as a whole.

Generally, it’s not ideal to change flooring by parts. If we’re just talking about fixing up deteriorating floors, you can just section off parts of it. However, completely replacing and redoing the flooring requires the entire floor to be done at once. This is because the construction company needs to measure how much materials are needed for the project.

Outdoor floors often get worn out as well, and this is just as important as interior flooring because it is visible to all. Since you will likely have little to no customers physically going to your store while on lockdown, you can take this time to resurface the concrete. Not only does it protect the concrete from wear; it also allows you to put in different tints and textures for a low cost.

Fix any poor wiring or plumbing

For busy establishments, it is difficult to find the time to repair their wiring and plumbing. After so long and excessive use, they can become worn out and less efficient. Dripping faucets and broken toilets may be a long-standing issue that has yet to be addressed. Now that there won’t be many employees or customers going in, you can now focus on large-scale repairs.

When it comes to electrical systems, a good practice is to prepare your business for potential power surges. Faulty wiring such as these can greatly disrupt the workflow. It’s not ideal to be working on a major project, and the power suddenly goes out before you can save progress. Efficient electrical systems can greatly improve the quality of work and increase employee satisfaction.

Add another floor

If you can’t expand your land, then you can always expand vertically. For businesses that have been thinking of getting an additional floor, then the current situation may work in your favor.

Constructions such as additional floors are often loud and noisy. On a regular workday, this may be distracting to the employees and clients coming in. Thankfully, you won’t have to worry about that during the lockdown. The construction team can work freely without having to worry about civilians getting into the working zone.

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