3 Business Ideas for Enterprising Daredevils

Are you a bold adventurer looking for a business idea? Something that will get your adrenaline pumping? Something that will make you stand out from the drab suits and their boring businesses? Here are three business ideas for young entrepreneurs that are sure to get your heart racing.

1. Dirt bike and 4×4 ATV Dirt Trail Tours

If you’re an adventurous type, then why not start a business that lets you indulge your passion for exploration? Trail motorcycle and 4×4 tours are the perfect way to do just that. You can take groups of people on off-road adventures, exploring the wilderness on two wheels or four. This is a very profitable idea, too—IBISWorld reports that this business area will likely grow in the future.

One good thing about this business idea is that if you already like riding dirt bikes or ATVs on dirt trails and off-roading, you probably already have the equipment you need—you just need more of it. For vehicles, you’ll need dirt bikes, ATVs, and a large truck or two that is equipped to carry the bikes to the trailhead and rescue any bikes that get stuck in the mud or slide off cliffs. You’ll also need lots of rope, winches, hitches, ratchet straps, and cargo nets for both transport and rescue. Stock protective equipment in various sizes, such as helmets, vest armor, elbow guards, shin guards, knee guards, gloves, and riding boots. If you’ll make river crossings or pass through banks of deep water, you might also need life vests or floaters. You’ll need consumable supplies, too, like food, water, first-aid kits, and fuel. If possible, set up a station with chairs and tables near the trailhead where you can administer first aid or where your guests can take a break.

You’ll also need knowledgeable staff who know how to operate these vehicles, repair them, and rescue anyone who gets stuck. You should also consider getting a first-aid certified member of staff. Lastly, make sure you have the proper insurance and licenses for taking people on tour!

2. Custom Car and Bike Building

Do you have a passion for cars or motorcycles? Why not turn that passion into a business by starting a custom car or bike-building shop? You can design and build unique vehicles for customers who want something one-of-a-kind. If you like working on your own vehicles, this could be a great business opportunity.

To make this a legitimate business, you’ll need certifications for working on metal and vehicles, like the ones auto mechanics and welders get. You’ll also need equipment like lifters, chains, clamps, welding machines, gas tanks, grinders, spanner sets, socket sets, ratchets, and other vehicle tools. You may also want to get paddock stands (if you’re working on bikes) or roller creepers (if you work on cars and don’t have lifters). In general, building bikes will require less space and equipment than if you work on cars. Don’t forget to get the necessary licenses and insurance coverage, too!

A vintage-styled hotrod with white side wall wheels and a soft top

3. Gun Range and Hunting Supplies

If you’re a fan of firearms, then why not start a gun range or a hunting supplies store? You can help people learn how to safely use firearms, or sell them the supplies they need for their next hunting trip. This business idea is the most expensive out of the options presented, but it also has the most potential for making you a large amount of money, especially if you live in an area where firearms and hunting are popular hobbies among the populace.

You’ll need different licenses to sell firearms and to operate a gun range, so you need to have both. As for your supply, you’ll need to find contacts and create networks in the industry; the best place to find them is in firearm trade shows. You’ll also need staff to run the store and range, and depending on what you’ll make them do, they may need licenses and certifications; at the very least, everyone who will be providing training on firearm handling and safety should have a certificate for it. It’s also a good idea to get a gunsmith in your shop for repair and maintenance of your range equipment and for after-sales service, but this is not a hard requirement.

Apart from these, you’ll also need facilities. Your range doesn’t need to have several lanes, but they should be long enough to have 50 feet between the firing line and the targets. You can extend this to 75 feet, if you want to accommodate basic law enforcement training programs, or 150 feet, for advanced long-range law-enforcement training settings. Consider making your range a virtual range for shooting guns to set you apart from the competition; features of virtual shooting ranges include AR or digital targets, bullet hit detection, and feedback delivery systems (for shooter grading and improvement). Some advanced ranges also have digital check-ins for buying firearms and renting them for the range.

Final Thoughts

Starting your own small business is a great way to be in control of your own career, set your own hours, and make money doing something you love. The three businesses we’ve discussed here are just a few of the possibilities; there are many more options out there waiting for someone with the passion and drive to start them. Get started on your ideas now!

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