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8 Consumer Products to Sell During COVID-19

During the onset, at its height, and up until today, it was business as usual for millions of companies, manufacturers, and sellers as they all find ways to continue operations amid the COVID-19 pandemic. These determined entrepreneurs actually thrived amid the ongoing adversity that is COVID-19. Thanks to them, billions of people around the world continue to enjoy consumer products that allow them to live life comfortably and safely.

Whether you’re a current business owner or you’re planning to open one, you should bank on the products that have proven to rake in huge profits amid this crisis. Here are eight ideal products to sell during COVID-19:

Personal computers and peripherals.

The current pandemic forced millions of office-based employees to work remotely to continue earning a living. Those without personal computers and essential peripherals such as mouse, web camera (mostly for desktop computers), external microphone or noise-canceling headphone, wife modem, and the like are either provided for by their companies or had to purchase them personally. Whatever the case may be, the bottom line is the current high demand for these products — which is something that you should consider capitalizing on.

Fitness equipment.

With many gyms still closed to this day, health buffs have no choice but to invest in basic fitness equipment to get their regular fix of lifting weights or doing cardio routines. Treadmills, exercise bands, yoga mats, exercise bike, rowing machine, stepper, and many others — they are some of the most popular fitness equipment items that you must consider selling right now. Some of them are on the pricier side of things, so consider selling the lower-priced items first and then progress once your business starts picking up.

Eco-friendly products.

The COVID-19 made many people realize just how important it is to reconnect with nature and make changes to one’s lifestyle to minimize potential environmental damages. As such, eco-friendly products are among the hottest consumer products these days. For example, a typical eco-warrior would rather buy a reusable, eco-friendly shopping bag than use single-use plastic containers when shopping. Bamboo tumblers, organic towels, biodegradable waste bags, reusable sandwich wraps, and the like are among the nature-friendly items that you should think about selling soon.

Dietary supplements.

Dietary supplements also saw great demand during the pandemic as people scrambled to boost their immune system to lessen their chances of falling victim to COVID-19. Knowing this, this is an opportune time to capture this market and start selling dietary supplements such as vitamins, herbal supplements, and the like. These products come in different forms such as liquid, pill, gel tab, powder, extract, and capsule so there’s plenty to offer to your potential buyers.

Disinfectant items.

Among the first products to fly off the shelves of convenience stores and supermarkets particularly during the early days of COVID-19 were disinfectant items. Hand sanitizers, alcohol, bleach, cleaning wipes, sprays, hand soap — these were pretty big then as they still are right now given the continuing threat of the virus. They are pretty easy to source and sell, which is why you must include them in your list of potential products to sell.

Personal protective equipment.

Face masks, face shields, goggles, isolation gowns, gloves, and respirators are some of the personal protective equipment (PPE) items that continue to command high demands. They were initially in scarce supply as healthcare workforces around the world bought them in great quantities.

Fortunately, manufacturers doubled their production efforts to produce more than enough PPEs for mass selling. Both frontline healthcare workers, back liners or support personnel, and common citizens all clamor for these products, so you won’t run out of potential buyers for them.

Bakeware/cook sets.


As people were ordered to stay inside their homes to avoid further transmission of the deadly virus, many of them became overnight executive, pastry, and sous chefs. This, as they whipped up heirloom recipes or just try emulating the YouTubers who were generous enough to share their food recipes. As such, don’t forget to include bakeware and cook sets in your list of product considerations. With no clear end in sight yet, business owners can be sure that these products will continue to be in high demand.

Gardening supplies.

The COVID-19 pandemic turned many people into farmers and gardeners also almost overnight. The home gardening industry, as a result, was one of the most resilient industries throughout the crisis. Be sure to also hook up with suppliers to get the right gardening supplies that you can sell.

With these product options, zeroing-in on the one that best suits your interest, budget, and business skills should be a straightforward affair.

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