5 Promotional Merchandise Ideas for Your Business


Every business needs to have branding. This will help with their image, as brands help associate symbols and businesses together. Take, for example, famous companies. Think of the logos, symbols, and colors they use. More often than not, these elements of branding help people remember their company. Which, in turn, helps with their sales and revenue.

One of the helpful ways to raise awareness and get people familiar with a brand is through promotional merchandise. The more people see your brand in commonly used items, the more likely they are to remember you. Small businesses can use merchandise as leverage to widen their reach. Here are some promotional merchandise ideas.

Tote bags

Because of the advent of global warming and the desire of people to contribute to saving the environment, less plastic bags are being used. Instead, people are now beginning to carry their tote bags to the grocery store. It’s also quite common in the corporate sphere, with employees using them to carry their office equipment.

Putting your branding in a tote bag is a great way to build brand awareness. Considering that it’s popular merchandise and very useful to the everyday consumer, different people will be able to spot and see it as they walk the city streets.


If your business is targeting the corporate industry, there’s no better merchandise to have than notebooks. These things become increasingly popular in a corporate setting where there is a prevalence of meetings, seminars, etc. People need to take notes, so use that as an opportunity to remind them of your brand.

Design a notebook with your logo, company colors, or other distinguishing features. Give them away to your employees, clients, and other corporations. You can also maximize the opportunity by adding some information about your company in some of the pages. You can put your website and contact details in there as well. If you want, you can also add a promotional pen in the mix.

writing on the notebook


For sure, you’ve walked around on a rainy day and spotted at least one or two people using an umbrella with a company’s logo. This is common promotional merchandise used by businesses. Considering their size and ability to catch attention, it’s a great material to use for your promotional efforts. Plus, they’re very useful items that people can often use — whether it’s sunny or rainy outside.

Water bottles

With the increasing popularity of carrying a personal water bottle, your business should be jumping in the trend. Get a supply of water bottles and engrave your logo or branding in them using a stainless steel laser engraving machine. Give them away to your employees, clients, consumers, etc. This is something they will find very useful and carry with them wherever they go. Thus, increasing the chances of your brand building awareness and reaching more consumers.

USB Flash Drives

If you think of something that everyone in the corporate sphere uses, then you’ll probably come up with flash drives. All employees need this to transfer files, send documents to their bosses, etc. It’s an office item that you’ll find anywhere. Take advantage of its popularity and think of a fun way to put your branding in a flash drive.

Promoting your business can be done in the most creative ways. When choosing promotional merchandise for your company, unleash your creativity, and express your brand and business in the best way possible.

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