What has been going on with OnBioVC the last few months?

Well, I am excited to inform you of a new application we have developed, Collective IP. We are now seeking beta-testers for this novel innovation identification platform, please read on to understand our value proposition and to determine if you may qualify to participate.

Collective IP has built the world’s most comprehensive and accurate aggregation of innovators and technologies. No other opportunity identification, due diligence and competitive intelligence tool is more effective and efficient than Collective IP.

Our first module has organized the global Technology Transfer and Commercialization Office (TTO) ecosystem into an easy-to-navigate dashboard enabling the most comprehensive and accurate search of international TTO’s.

If your work includes interfacing with the TTO ecosystem and you are interested in having FREE beta access to the Collective IP vertical search platform simply in exchange for providing product feedback then click HERE and indicate how you interact with TTO’s in your workday and why you are interested in beta-testing our platform.

Click HERE to request access to Collective IP.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Happy Holidays.

Adam Rubenstein
CEO & Co-Founder
Collective IP

About Collective IP is a premiere global information company focused on innovation identification. The Collective IP platform provides a revolutionary knowledge access point that aggregates technologies and their innovators across universities, research institutes, hospitals, government laboratories, foundations as well as public and private companies. The novel suite of Collective IP products compresses time and saves money for those engaged in opportunity identification, due diligence and competitive intelligence. For more information please visit http://collectiveip.com.