Comes from some other beginnings end.

Yes, this is the official final post for OnBioVC. Thank you for your readership. But, alas, I shall not go gentle into that good night. Rather, offered to you now is something more special, of greater value, contains tera-oodles of data, serves up a competitive intelligence lens like you have never before seen, and of course continues to deliver the company finance information you expect, all this and more is available to you now at Collective IP! Please observe additional details below…

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Collective IP, Inc., the global leader in innovation intelligence, features the world’s most comprehensive and accurate organization of technologies residing in universities, companies and research institutes.

The Collective IP platform provides a novel search solution for business development professionals who focus on asset identification within companies and technology transfer organizations, and offers technology transfer and corporate licensing professionals a unique asset marketing platform.

Collective IP provides unrivaled access to licensing and acquisition opportunities around the globe, saving time and money for those engaged in the opportunity identification of time decaying assets, due diligence, competitive intelligence and intellectual property strategy.

And now … dramatic fade to Semisonic.