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Atlanta Catheter Therapies (Chattanooga, TN) a development-stage medical device company focused on catheter technologies for vascular disease, closed a $2.9M Series A financing. Participants were not identified.

Breathe America (Nashville, TN) a commercial-stage clinical company focused on the treatment of chronic airway diseases, allergy, sinus and asthma, closed a $22M Series B financing. Participants include Essex Woodlands. Thanx for your patience as we catch-up.

ABT Molecular Imaging (Knoxville, TN) medical imaging company developing a production platform to generate unit doses of molecular imaging drugs for positron emission tomography (PET) scanning at the point of use, closed a $9M Series A financing. Participants include Intersouth Partners. Note: 2009 Year-in-Review Trend Analysis Coming 15 Feb.

Active Implants (Memphis, TN) a development-stage company focused on medical grade polycarbonate urethane for hip and knee orthopedic implants, closed a $10M Series C financing. Participants in the round were not identified.

ProstimRx (Hendersonville, TN) an early-stage developer of medical devices for the treatment of the treatment of prostatitis, benign prostate hypertrophy, erectile dysfunction and other prostate-related disorders closed a $5M Series A financing. Participants include M.D. Venture Partners.


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