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Hemoshear (Charlottesville, VA), a biotechnology company focused on the development of human and animal cell-based systems for discovery and assessment of drug compounds, closed a $4M Series C financing. Participants were not identified. Collective IP | The Most Comprehensive and Accurate View of Global Innovation and Organization of the International Technology Transfer Office Ecosystem Request […]

Sensors for Medicine and Science (Germantown, MD) a commercial-stage device company focused on implantable, long- term continuous glucose monitoring, closed a $54.1M million in Series D financing. Participants include Delphi Ventures, New Enterprise Associates, HealthCare Ventures, Anthem Capital and Greenspring Associates.

CryoXtract (Arlington, VA) a development-stage device company focused on an automated biobanking frozen sample aliquotter, closed a $3M Series A financing. Participants include Allied Minds. The 2Q11 OnBioVC Trend Analysis will be published on Tue 6 September. Advertising opportunities are still available. Reach >45,000 high-value targeted life science professionals on-line and in-print. Contact for […]

NovaSom (Glen Burnie, MD) a commercial-stage medical device company focused on the diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea, closed a $35M Series F financing. Participants include Safeguard Scientifics, TPG Biotech and Quaker BioVentures.

Intrexon (Blacksburg, VA) a commercial-stage synthetic biology company focused on modular DNA control systems to enhance capabilities, improve safety and lower cost in human therapeutics, protein production, industrial products, agricultural biotechnology and animal science next generation synthetic biology company, closed a $100M Series E financing. Participants have included Third Security, New River Management, NewVa Capital […]

PixelOptics (Roanoke, VA) a commercial-stage developer of dynamic electronic focusing eyeglasses, closed a $35M Series D financing. Participants include Safeguard Scientifics, Delphi Ventures, Carlyle Group, Longitude Capital and Stark Investments.

Ocimum Biosolutions (Gaithersburg, MD) a commercial-stage integrated genomics company focused on sample data analysis and management, closed a $8M Series C financing. Participants have included International Finance Corp. and Kubera Partners.

OpGen (Gaithersburg, MD) a commercial-stage genomics device company focused on optical mapping combining strain typing and sequencing, closed a $17M Series B round financing. Participants include jVen Capital, CHL Medical Partners, Highland Capital Partners, Mason Wells Biomedical and Versant Ventures.

OriGene Technologies (Rockville, MD) a commercial-stage gene-based reagent product company focused on cDNA and shRNA clone collections, purified human proteins, monoclonal antibodies, human tissues, multiplex assay products, antigen standards and IHC slides, closed a $16M Series B financing. Participants include IDG-Accel, SBI Ven Capital, TH Venture Capital Enterprise, Zero2IPO, Morningside and President International Development Corp..

Advanced Cardiac Therapeutics (Laguna Beach, CA) a development-stage electrophysiology and radiometry medical device company focused on energy delivery via catheters for cardiac ablation, closed a $5M Series b financing. Participants include NBGI Ventures.

Zyngenia (Rockville, MD) a pre-clinical stage biotherapeutics company focused on multi-specific antibodies for oncology and autoimmune disorders, closed a $10M Series A financing. Particpants include New Enterprise Associates. Note: 2009 Year-in-Review Trend Analysis Coming 15 Feb

GlycoMimetics (Gaithersburg, MD) a clinical-stage small molecule glycobiology company focused on cancer, inflammation and infectious disease, closed a $38M Series C financing. Participants include Genzyme Ventures, New Enterprise Associates, Novartis Venture Fund, Anthem Capital Management and Alliance Technology Ventures. A more detailed company profile recently appeared on Life Science Deal Flow [HERE].

Arginetix (Baltimore, MD) a preclinical-stage pharmaceutical company focused on the small molecule inhibition of arginase for pulmonary arterial hypertension, closed a $4.6M Series B financing. Participants include Quaker BioVentures, MedImmune Ventures, Red Abbey Venture Partners, Maryland Health Care Product Development Corp. and Acidophil.

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