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AirXpanders (Palo Alto, CA) a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on implantable breast tissue expanders for breast cancer masectomy patients, closed a $10M Series D financing. Participants include Vivo Ventures, GBS Venture Partners, Prolog Ventures, Heron Capital and Western Technology Innovation.

OvaScience (Boston, MA) a development-stage biotechnology company focused on mitochondria rejuvenation to improve fertility, closed a Series A financing. Participants include Bessemer Venture Partners and Longwood Founders Fund.

Intimate Bridge 2 Conception (Pittsburgh, PA) a clinical-stage medical device company focused on fertility and reproductive health, closed a $5M Series financing. Participants include PLSG Accelerator Fund.

Cervilenz (Chagrin Falls, OH) a development-stage device company focused on the a disposable to identify and manage pregnant women at high risk for preterm birth, closed an $8.35M Series A financing. Participants include Arboretum Ventures and Chrysalis Ventures.

Aegea Medical (Redwood City, CA) a development-stage medical device company focused on a minimally invasive treatment for abnormal uterine bleeding, closed a $13.3M Series B financing. Participants include Covidien Ventures, Alloy Ventures and Delphi Ventures.


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