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Chromatin (Chicago, IL) a commercial-stage bioenergy market company focused on crop improvement and biomass feedstocks for the renewable energy sector closed a $10.4M Series D financing. Participants include BP Ventures, Unilever Technology Ventures, Quantitative Investment Holdings, Malaysian Life Sciences Capital Fund and Illinois Ventures.

DNP Green Technology (Princeton, NJ) a development-stage bioagriculture company focused on processes for making bio-derived succinic acid and its derivatives for the production of chemicals and polymers, closed a $12M Series A financing. Participants include Sofinnova Partners, Mitsu Ventures, Samsung Ventures Investment Corporation, Cliffton Group, AquaRIMCO, Touradji Capital Management, Toyota Tsusho Corporation and Japan Asia […]

OPX Biotechnologies (Boulder, CO) a research-stage biofuels company using synthetic biology to engineer the microbes as a renewable fuel source closed a $12.1M Series B financing. Participants include Braemar Energy Ventures, Mohr Davidow Ventures and X/Seed Capital.

Divergence (St. Louis, MO) a bioagriculture biotechnology company applying genomics and informatics to control parasitic nematodes, closed a $11.8M Series C financing. Participants include MidPoint Food and Ag Fund and Prolog Ventures.

Chromatin (Chicago, IL) developer of new seed technology for incorporating multiple genetic traits into plant cells, closed a $12.6M Series C financing. Participants include Unilever Technology Ventures, Malaysian Life Sciences Capital Fund, Burrill & Co., Venture Investors and Foragen Technologies.

Arcadia Biosciences (Davis, CA) a bio ag company, closed a $15M Series B financing. Participants include Exeter Life Sciences, CMEA Ventures, BASF Venture Capital America and Saints Capital.

Performance Plants (Canada) bioag company focused on developing stress-resistant crop seed technologies, closed a $13M Series E financing. Participants include Ceres Global Ag Corp. and Eastwood Capital.

Evolutionary Genomics (Lafayette, CO), a commercial-stage agricultural technology company with a proprietary gene discovery platform, closed a $3.0M Series A financing. Participants include Altira Group.


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