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And now … dramatic fade to Semisonic.

OptiMedica (Sunnyvale, CA), a commercial-stage medical device company focused on laser technology for cataract surgery, closed a $35M Series E financing. Participants include Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Alloy Ventures, DAG Ventures, BlackRock Private Equity Partners and Bio*One Capital.

iRhythm Technologies (San Francisco, CA), a commercial-stage medical device company that focused on cardiac rhythm monitoring, closed a $1.5M Series C financing. Participants include the California HealthCare Foundation.

Edison Pharmaceuticals (Mountain View, CA), a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company developing small molecules to treat mitochondrial disease, closed a $20M Series F financing. Participants include Mitsui & Co. Global Investment.

New Haven Pharmaceuticals (New Haven, CT), a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on a slow release aspirin product, closed a $6.6M Series A. Participants include Connecticut Innovations and private investors.

Kiadis Pharma (Netherlands), a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing treatments for blood cancers, closed a $12.8M Series D financing. Participants include Life Sciences Partners, DFJ-Esprit, Alta Partners, Quest for Growth and NOM.

Synovex (Boston, MA), a clinical stage biotechnology company focused on inhibiting the progression of fibrotic diseases such as arthritis, closed a $3.5M Series C financing. Participants were not identified.

Neurovance (Cambridge, MA), a clinical stage pharmaceutical company developing a norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin triple uptake inhibitor to treat ADHD, closed a $7M Series A financing. Participants include Novartis Venture Fund and H&Q Life Sciences Investors.

Cebix (San Diego, CA), a clinical stage biotechnology company developing a modified insulin C-peptide for the treatment of complications associated with diabetes such as peripheral neuropathy, closed a $30.9M Series B financing. Participants were not identified.

Qinec (United Kingdom), a Health IT company developing tools for web-based medical practice management, closed a $2.5M Series B financing. Participants include Amadeus Capital Partners and Archimedia Investments.

Biophyti (France), a clinical stage pharmaceutical company developing a portfolio of nutraceuticals and drug candidates derived from active natural substances to treat metabolic disorders and age related diseases, closed a $2.6M Series B financing. Participants include Metabrain Research, Seventure Partners and CM-CIC Capital Prive.

Innovent Biologics (China), a clinical stage biotechnology company focused on the development of monoclonal antibodies targeting various diseases, closed a $25M Series B financing. Participants include Lilly Asia Ventures, Fidelity Biosciences and Fidelity Growth Partners Asia.

Cardioxyl Pharmaceuticals (Chapel Hill, NC), a clinical stage pharmaceutical company utilizing its proprietary nitroxyl chemistry platform to discover and develop novel therapeutics to treat cardiovascular disease, closed a $28M Series B financing. Participants include OrbiMed Advisors, Osage University Partners, New Enterprise Associates and The Aurora Funds.

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